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Author Stephanie Damore

Untimely Departure - ebook (Book 4)

Untimely Departure - ebook (Book 4)

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Ebook copy of Untimely Departure

It's Christmas time in Silverlake, and Angelica and her friends are feeling jolly, that is until a suspicious visitor arrives.

Daniel McEwen's presence has the town on edge, or maybe it's his sharp fangs that have everyone running in the other direction.

But when a dead body turns up, and it's clearly a setup, Angelica knows she can't hang the vampire out to dry. Aunt Thelma taught her better than that, which is why she’s teaming up with Vance to tackle this case and clear their friend's name.

Unfortunately, more than one person wants the truth to remain a secret, and they'll do whatever it takes to keep Angelica and Vance quiet. Can they trace the clues and bring the real killer to justice, or will there be more than one untimely departure this holiday season?

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