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Crystal earrings

Crystal earrings

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Embrace the enchantment of these exquisite earrings, capturing the essence of my magical cozy mysteries. Each pair is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a unique piece that radiates elegance and charm. The combination of the lustrous 18k gold plating and the raw, natural gemstones creates a harmonious blend of sophistication and mysticism.

A V A I L A B L E * G E M S T O N E S

  1. Citrine: Radiating warmth and positivity, this sunny gemstone illuminates your path with its vibrant energy.

  2. Rose Quartz: Embrace the gentle and nurturing qualities of love with this soft pink gem, fostering harmony and compassion.

  3. Strawberry Quartz: Awaken your senses with the delicate sweetness of this gem, promoting inner strength and joy.

  4. Aquamarine: Dive into serenity and embrace the calming essence of this tranquil blue gem, inspiring harmony and clear communication.

  5. White Quartz: Tap into your higher consciousness with this pure and luminous gem, inviting clarity and spiritual growth.

Choose from the available gemstones and let their beauty adorn your ears, adding a touch of enchantment to your every step. Elevate your style and embrace the magic within with these extraordinary gold drop earrings.

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