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Author Stephanie Damore

Raw Crystal Bracelet

Raw Crystal Bracelet

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These gemstone bracelets perfectly complement the enchanting world of my magical cozy mysteries.

Each bracelet is a symbol of empowerment and mystery, inspired by my character's adventures and their connection to magic. Adorn your wrist with one of these beauties and allow their energy to guide you on your own journey.

Crystals + Magical books = Perfection!

M A T E R I A L S * & * S I Z E

✨ Natural Stones
✨ Chain - 18k Gold plated
Length - Adjustable 5.5” - 9”

A V A I L A B L E * G E M S T O N E S

*White Quartz
*Dark Amethyst
*Light Amethyst

*Lapis Lazuli
*Rose Quartz
*Strawberry Quartz
*Green Adventurine
*Blue Apatite
*Green Apatite
*Black Tourmaline
*Smoky Quartz

Choose your favorite gemstone and embrace the magic today!

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