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Author Stephanie Damore

Mystic Inn Books 4-6 - ebook

Mystic Inn Books 4-6 - ebook

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Continue the enchanting journey to Silverlake with the next 3 books in the series!

Untimely Departure welcomes you to Christmas in Silverlake. Everyone is feeling jolly, that is until a suspicious visitor arrives. The guest's presence has everyone on edge, or maybe that's just his fangs. But when a dead body turns up, and it's clearly a setup, Angelica knows she can't hang the vampire out to dry—Aunt Thelma taught her better than that. Can Angelica trace the clues and bring the real killer to justice, or will there be more than one untimely departure?

Midnight at Mystic Inn invites you to Silverlake's New Year's Eva gala! But when the clock strikes twelve and a curse is unleashed, old acquaintances will be anything but forgotten. Who has it out for Silverlake? Or maybe the magical town isn't the target. Because when the snow settles, two women are left frozen at the center of it all. It'll take more than a bewitched blizzard to keep Angelica from tracking the clues. There isn't a minute to spare. If she doesn't catch the culprit, the two women remain frozen forever.

Bewitched Break-Inn opens with a string of break-ins. Whoever the burglar is, he's smart, able to bypass magical wards and make off with the goods before the police even have a clue something's amiss. That is until Loretta Johnson's grandson is caught red-handed at the scene. It seems like the case is closed, but Loretta is convinced her grandson is innocent, and she wants Angelica's help to prove it. Too bad everyone else wants Angelica to stay out of it. But when Harvey's turned to stone in his jail cell, Angelica knows she has to take the case. Something more than petty theft is at play, and one's safe until she gets to the bottom of it.

Welcome back to Silverlake, a place where nothing is EVER as it seems... and where a witch can find, and lose, a lot more than herself.
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