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Eerie Check In - Paperback (Book 2)

Eerie Check In - Paperback (Book 2)

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Even a witch can’t run from her past forever.

After returning home, Angelica is finally settling into her life in Silverlake, embracing her witchy powers and looking forward to the town-saving fall festival just days away. However, the peace is shattered when Sophia Emerson, the perfect housewife of the witching world, is found dead, threatening to tarnish the reputation of her empire built around the motto "Any Witch Can Do It!" — referencing her numerous cookbooks and crafting shows.

Sophia's death sends gossip flying faster than you can say bibidi babidi boo, putting Silverlake on the map for all the wrong reasons. As Angelica races against the clock to stop Sophia’s death from destroying the town, she realizes that not everything in Silverlake is as perfect as it seems, and the past has a way of catching up to even the most powerful witches.

Will Angelica and her friends be able to solve the case and save Silverlake's reputation, or will Sophia's death sink the town once and for all?

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