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Bewitched Break Inn - Paperback (Book 6)

Bewitched Break Inn - Paperback (Book 6)

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A string of break-ins have hit Silverlake, and no one is happy about it. The burglar is smart, able to bypass magical wards and disappear with the goods before the police even realize something is wrong.

When Loretta Johnson's grandson is caught red-handed at the scene, it seems like the case is closed. But Loretta is convinced her grandson is innocent and seeks Angelica's help to prove it.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Potts thinks that's a horrible idea! Harvey Johnson is a no-good scoundrel and Angelica is wasting her time. 

But when Harvey is found turned to stone in his jail cell, Angelica knows she has to take the case. Something more than petty theft is at play, and no one's business is safe until they get to the bottom of it, not even Mystic Inn.

Will Angelica be able to solve the mystery and clear Harvey's name, or will she become the next victim of this dangerous game?

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