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Spooked Solid - Paperback (Book 3)

Spooked Solid - Paperback (Book 3)

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Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the best holiday of the year, or so Angelica thought until the tricks began to outweigh the treats. 

Frog curses, poisoned candy apples, and a wayward vampire are only half of her problems. Add in a two-hundred-year-old curse, a depressed poltergeist, and a dead body, and it's clear why. 

But Angelica refuses to go down without a fight.

With the culprit of the Halloween hijinks still at large, Angelica sets out to solve the mystery just as the culprit sets their sites on her.

Will she be able to uncover the truth behind the spooky occurrences? With the stakes this high, Angelica doesn't have a choice

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