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Midnight at Mystic Inn - Paperback (Book 5)

Midnight at Mystic Inn - Paperback (Book 5)

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It's New Year's Eve, and Angelica is ready to welcome the New Year.

But when the clock strikes twelve and a curse is unleashed, old acquaintances will be anything but forgotten.

Who has it out for Silverlake?

Or maybe the magical town isn't the target.

Because when the snow settles, two women are left frozen at the center of it all—the town's persnickety mayor and an up-and-coming WNN news anchor. Both women's personalities aren't going to make this an easy case.

Regardless, it'll take more than a bewitched blizzard to keep Angelica and her friends from tracking the clues. There isn't a minute to spare. If they don't catch the culprit, two women remain frozen forever.

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